Multi-Compartment Tank

Triple Compartment Tank

The triple compartment tank is used for an advanced septic treatment system or a triple compartment sewage system. There is a compartment for the solids, the reactor and the pump out chamber – all in one tank. The advanced treatment system allows you to dispense effluent from the tank to an at-grade system. The multi-compartment tank works in conjunction with Mo-Dad 1 & Mo-Dad 2 systems to provide an economical, high performance system.

Tanks are built custom to each specific house size and sewage flow rate – call us, we’d be happy to help. Mocoat has representatives that are trained in triple compartment tank installation and all of its components.

  • Use only one tank for solids, the reactor and pump-out
  • Save on the cost of three tanks
  • Dig only one hole—minimize space and ground disturbance
  • Save on tank accessories including infiltrator and fittings
  • Save on trucking costs

PDF for download: Case Study – Triple Compartment Tank