Infiltrator Chamber Systems

Mocoat Solutions are proud distributors of the Infiltrator Chamber Systems. The infiltrator chamber system is a direct replacement for old-fashioned stone and pipe leachfileds. Infiltrator chambers give designers, installers and homeowners greater flexibility in the placement of the septic leachfiled.


Compared with stone and pipe, infiltrator chambers offer these advantages:

  • Smaller footprint with equal or better performance allowing less site disruption.
  • Fast, easy installation saves time and money
  • Equivalent or greater storage capacity means increased safety factor and peace of mind
  • Higher Long-Term Acceptance Rate (LTAR) means you install a reliable top preforming system
  • Patented sidewalls provide maximum infiltration
  • MultiPort End Caps offer multiple piping options and minimize the use of pipe fittings.

Please view the following attachments for the Infiltrator accessory products we offer:
Quick4 Standard Chamber
Quick4 Equalizer 36
Quick4 Plus Chamber Systems

Mocoat Solutions Edmonton always has Infiltrator Chambers in stock

Some examples below of Infiltrator chamber field