Features & Benefits

Plastic water tanks are lightweight and can often be moved (empty) by hand into position, which is an advantage on rough terrain. Steel tanks must be craned into position.

Another advantage of the plastic tanks lighter weight is much lower shipping cost when compared to a heavy galvanized steel tank. Given today’s fuel prices, this can amount to a huge savings.

Plastic tanks come in a much wider variety of sizes and capacities.

Plastic tanks can be placed on just about any flat surface without anything sharp underneath. Galvanized steel tanks require expensive steel rings and a rock base to keep them from sitting in rust-inducing water.

Plastic tanks come in green or black, which blends into the landscape/environment better, in addition to having UV-inhibitors in the material to fight sunlight.

Plastic tanks won’t rust over time and have to be replaced, which is one of its best advantages. (Keep in mind that galvanized steel tanks are generally not covered by warranty for rust.)

If a plastic water tank is accidentally punctured, it is easier to repair.

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