Slab Duct Kelowna

Slab Duct Kelowna

Prairie Heating Products is a slab duct manufacturer and HVAC supplier. Since its foundation, it has been dedicated to providing integral, sustainable and innovative solutions in multidisciplinary projects of small and medium scale in the housing, industrial, commercial, infrastructure and telecommunications sectors.

We are a select team of professionals and collaborators who have combined their outstanding experience and first-class technical equipment. Since its beginnings, the outstanding management capacity, the commitment to the projects' objectives, the permanent flexibility and a deep technical capacity in every required activity have been the distinctive characteristics of the company's management, recognized by all its clients. Innovation and professionalism are its main working weapons, which allow it to develop comparative advantages for its clients and thus generate value for mutual benefit.

Why choose us?

We have the capacity for the execution of all types of works that require the use of duct fittings. We are a company in continuous training, always innovating and researching the latest techniques in the sector.

Design and construction

A multidisciplinary and highly qualified team coordinates all the phases: design, construction, legalization and paperwork, unifying and optimizing all the inherent processes in order to deliver PVC air ducts for air conditioning systems with the agreed stipulations and with the highest quality standards.

Exclusive dedication

Each client is assigned exclusively a team of professionals from different specialties: architecture, engineering, decoration and environmental and bioclimatic management who work closely together to provide comprehensive advice according to their needs with the use of innovative techniques and in accordance with current regulations.

Customer service

We have a personalized after-sales service offering immediate solutions. Our goal is to achieve completely satisfied customers.

Your experience with us will not only be a buying and selling relationship. We will take care to offer all the attention that is possible and that you need at the moment of needing our services. Therefore, we provide you with a customer service team available 24 hours a day throughout the week.

Guarantee and confidence

We have the necessary methods and procedures to correctly fulfill the legal requirements and others that our company voluntarily subscribes. Prairie Heating Products products have quality standards applied during the design and production process. This is part of what makes us a leader in the industry.

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Every building structure needs a quality and safe ductwork and slab ventilation system, both during the construction process and when the job is complete. That's where Prairie Heating Products comes in with a wide variety of solutions related to the design, production and installation of ventilation and heating ducts.

You can visit our website and browse our entire catalogue of products for industrial and small construction sites. You can stop by our head office at 3172 36 Street N Lethbridge, Alberta for a meeting with our sales and technical team.

Slab Duct Kelowna
Prairie Heating Products
Slab Duct Kelowna
3172 36 Street North
Lethbridge AB T1H 7E5

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