Redo Garage Floor

Redo Garage Floor

The garage floor should be of excellent service for at least twenty to twenty-five years. A surface that is older than the standard duration will begin showing signs of its endurance. Typical problems affecting the health of your garage floor include the following:

  • The weight of the vehicle
  • The traffic of all cars in and out of the garage
  • The daily foot traffic on the surface
  • Exposure to liquids and materials that contribute to a poor garage condition
  • The temperature shifts that cause constant expansion and contraction of the floor

Another common cause of a fast-aging garage floor is poor installation. Some home builders prefer to install their epoxy or hire the cheapest services in the neighborhood. A poorly installed garage floor will typically contain the following traits:

  • Incorrect depth of the floor base
  • Using a poor quality concrete mix or cement
  • Improper compacting ratio to settle the ground beneath the foundation

Installing a garage floor surface has enough myths that could jeopardize the longevity of the structure. Additionally, you do not want to fall prey to naysayers who will take your money with unnecessary reinstallations and repairs.

Myths about redoing a garage floor

It recurs every one to three years

This myth has enough truth in it because you may require a recoating if the contractor uses a poor quality epoxy kit or a lousy application process. Contrastingly, an expert technician, will apply all the coatings in the right steps and timing. Homeowners will get ten to twenty years of low maintenance service. We will also help you understand which practices will keep the finish bright and thick for as long as possible.

Garage coatings are expensive

Garage installers will give you different price quotes. Some customers will get higher quotes than others because the project requires intensive repair. The price difference of a task that requires the same amount of effort could vary because of the type of coating used. Do not believe a technician who tells you to pay an excessive amount because they will install more than one layer of finish – one quality layer is enough.

All coatings are the same

A professional redo of the garage floor could accommodate more than one finishing kit. Some floor coatings are inferior to others and will not protect the structure from liquids and grime. Polyaspartic floor is a superior floor type because attractive, resistant to damage, and durable for at least fifteen years. 

Paint is a good alternative

Unlike the popular misconception, paint is not a superior alternative to epoxy. Paint cannot replace a floor’s coating because it does not contain the same strength as polyaspartic flooring. Paint is a cheap and yet expensive alternative that will not be as strong against chemical damage, UV rays, abrasion, and physical pressure.

You only need to clean the surface for a redo of the garage floor

The technician needs to prepare the surface with several intensive procedures before installing the new coat. The preexisting condition of the floor will determine whether it needs removing contaminants or opening all the pores of the surface. Garage Interior Inc. will apply the proper thickness for increased durability.


Redo Garage Floor
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