Plastic Welding & Customizing

Mocoat Solutions now has the capacity and capabilities to offer a plastic welding and repair service. We are equipped with the latest technology in plastic inject weld systems to offer custom fabricated plastic products to your specification. 

We offer the service of adding custom fittings or fixing that leak on your chemical, water, sewage or oil tanks. At Mocoat we are fully capable in repairing that crack, hole or even add a customized fitting to your tank.

Below are example pictures of a job we did for a customer. They were looking for customized tanks to use in their camp buildings and wanted to make the most out of the space that was available to them. With some searching they could not find a tank close to the correct measurements they required. We offered the idea of a customized tank which consisted of making two tanks from three tanks.




For further info/pricing on Mocoat's welding sevice please contact us now.

PDF Downloads:

Plastic Welding Brochure